Miss Klose Rubs & Spices


Spice blends and BBQ sauces that are a dash better!

Something new for your home kitchen and grill! Miss Klose Rubs & Spices is the premium newcomer in dry spices and BBQ sauces, containing only seasonings blended from high-quality ingredients and BBQ sauces with a dash of something extra. With our spices, you can rub meats yourself and season other everyday and festive dishes quite easily, and with our BBQ sauces, you can perfect the delicacies!

Check out our entire spice and sauce selection and try our meticulously crafted recipes. Experiment with bringing out the best flavors in your dishes and invite friends and family to the table!

All our spices are gluten-free and vegan, and do not contain artificial flavor enhancers.

Request our products to a store in Finland near you!

“Miss Klose’s spices and sauces are already available in many well-stocked grocery stores. However, if you can’t find them in your local store yet, don’t hesitate to contact your grocer through the link provided below!